Why do Muslims use prayer beads?

Islamic Prayer beads are more than something to keep idle hands busy or to simply keep the fingers occupied during times of stress; They serve as a means for Muslims to do dhikr, or proclamations in memory of Allah, as instructed by the Holy Quran.

Islamic prayer beads are called tasbih, misbaha, Subha, dhikr beads, or worry beads.

What is a Subha?

The Subha is a bracelet made up of 99 beads, each representing one of Allah’s 99 names. Commonly, Muslim people use them during Dhikr and as a totem to help them to relax. Sometimes the Subha will be smaller with only 33 beads.

How to use the Subha?

To properly use the misbaha, you just roll one bead with your thumb to move it and count it. You can complete counts without having to look at the string if you start just near the tassel area and count through the Tasbeeh string. You will complete the entire string on 33 bead strings. There are two more beads added on 99 bead strings that have a distinct form and indicate when to stop one recitation and start a new one.

A typical Dhikr prayer recitation with Subha may consist of reciting Subhana Allah 33 times followed by Alhamdullilah 33 times, and Allahu Akbar 33 times.

This method of recitation is based on a Hadith in which the Prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him ) told his daughter Fatima to remember Allah by saying these words. He also said that believers who recite these lines after each prayer “will have all sins pardoned, even if they may be as large as the foam on the surface of the sea.”

Muslims can also use Islamic prayer beads to count several recitations of different phrases. Some Muslims use the beads as a source of comfort, fiddling with them when they are nervous or worried.

What are the benefits of using Subha?

Making dhikr as a reminder of Allah raises our level of taqwa, which improves our Imaan and the strength of all aspects of our existence. It acts as a deterrent to Shaytaan and protects us from sin. Keeping a string of prayer beads in one’s pocket serves as a continual reminder to make dhikr and remember Allah in all of His wondrous aspects for many Muslims.

Ultimately, the reward of remembrance of Allah is that Allah will remember us.

Where you can find Subha?

In the Muslim world, you can purchase Subha from nearby kiosks or souqs, and even shopping malls. But if you are interested in owning a unique Subha, we have a variety of them with express shipping services all over the world. To have a look, click here.

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